Era of dance: discover how techno hit Riga in 1986

22 February 2017

Get a sneak peek of Era of Dance, a new documentary on Riga’s rave scene.

The Latvian capital has become one of Europe’s most popular destinations for partygoers and known for its contemporary electronic music. Era of Dance traces the scene back to its origin in 1986, when Riga was still behind the Iron Curtain.

Using previously unseen historical archives, the documentary tells the story of one of the most important figures of the local techno scene, Indulis Bilzens. Partly crowdfunded, the journey back to Soviet Latvia is guided by German DJ and musician WestBam.

The Russian-language version of the documentary is due to be released in cinemas this March, with an international version in the pipeline. Find out more about the project here.

Source: Electronic Beats