Cultural workers in Romania may see salaries double

Cultural workers in Romania may see salaries double
Scene from a performance of La ordin, Führer! at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre (Image: Teatrul Naţional Cluj-Napoca / Facebook)

13 March 2017

A new Romanian public sector pay law could see those working in the culture sector getting a raise of up to 100%.

According to Cristian Șofron, an actor and president of the largest union in this sector, the new law provides salary increases of 25 — 100 per cent in public cultural institutions until 2021. The union head describes culture as Romania’s “Cinderella”, arguing that the sector has not received the attention it deserves.

Mr Șofron notes that approximately 10,000 people in the culture sector will benefit from the new law, with a 50 per cent salary increase for actors and other artists working in public cultural institutions among the first measures approved by Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu’s cabinet.

Source: Romania Insider