Space dreams? The Russian space agency is looking for new astronauts!

Space dreams? The Russian space agency is looking for new astronauts!
Image: Roscosmos on Instagram

14 March 2017

If growing up you harboured dreams of space travel, Russian space agency Roscosmos has good news for you: they have announced an open call for aspiring astronauts.

Through a press release on the agency’s website (available only in Russian), Roscosmos announced on 14 March that they are planing to hold trials for new astronauts to join the Russian space programme. Six to eight people will be selected in this open call, which is the first one held by the agency since 2012.

There are several tough stages in the selection process. Firstly, all applicants have to be Russian citizens younger than 35 years old, with a higher education degree in engineering, aviation or sciences, with work experience. The successful candidates will have to demonstrate good English and computer knowledge, and the ability to learn all about spacecrafts and how they operate. There will be psychological evaluations, as well as physical ability assessment through cardio, agility and strength exercises.

Apart from the already impressive criteria, candidates will also have to fit very specific physical standards: they have to be 150 to 190 cm tall (4’11 to 6’2), weigh between 50 and 90 kilos, and wear shoe size UK 11 or smaller (EU size 46.5 or US size 12).

The previous call’s recruits underwent astronaut training for two years and received their qualifications in 2014. People selected in this year’s open call will be working on the International Space Station and will participate in Russia’s first mission to the moon.

Will you be the next lucky size 11 shoe-wearing astronaut? Make sure your Russian citizenship is in check and head to Moscow region’s Star City to apply — applications are only accepted by post or in person.

Source: TJournal [Russian]