Farewell forever youth: Moscow’s WINZAVOD presents anniversary programme

Farewell forever youth: Moscow’s WINZAVOD presents anniversary programme
Egor Koshelev with work to be presented in Palazzo Koshelev (Image: WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Centre / Facebook)

12 April 2017

Tomorrow Moscow’s WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art opens the first exhibition from its 10th anniversary series Farewell Forever Youth: Palazzo Koshelev by Egor Koshelev.

Over the course of nine months, 12 exhibitions will allow visitors to WINZAVOD to journey through the most important events in Russian contemporary art of the past ten years.

Palazzo Koshelev sees WINZAVOD’s White Hall exhibition space take on the appearance of a palazzo — a large, imposing and palatial building, especially in Italy — with golden walls hosting around 90 works from across Koshelev’s 12-year career.

According to Koshelev, whose artistic background lies in murals, this exhibition revolves around a dialogue with his alter ego — “a great master”, who strives to define his era and gain eternal glory.

“[An artistic career is] no rock-n-roll where you have to have it all achieved by thirties. It’s more like a marathon rather than a sprint race,” Koshelev said, reflecting on the wide scope of his exhibition.

The exhibition opens tomorrow as part of WINZAVOD’s Grand Opening Night, which will also feature a musical performance by artist Valery Chtak.

Future events from the Farewell Forever Youth series include exhibitions by Dmitry Venkov, Evgeny Granilschikov, Vladimir Logutov, Polina Kanis, ZIP group, Irina Korina, Arseny Zhilyaev, Taus Mahacheva, Misha Most, Recycle Group, and Urban Fauna Lab.

Palazzo Koshelev will be open from 14 April — 14 May 2017. Find out more about the exhibition and series here.