Discover the avant-garde monuments of the former Soviet Union

Discover the avant-garde monuments of the former Soviet Union
Iset Hotel, Ekaterinburg, photographed in 2015 (Image courtesy of The Constructivist Project)

27 April 2017

Jump into the exciting new initiative from The Constructivist Project — an extensive map of avant-garde monuments across the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The database, which constitutes the largest public catalogue of its type, forms part of the relaunch of The Constructivist Project. This expansive resource exists to promotes the heritage of the avant-garde era and is run by photographer and researcher Natalia Melikova.

Launched in honour of World Heritage Day last week together with the Avant-Garde Centre, the site’s new section serves as an accessible catalogue of the architectural heritage of the avant-garde throughout the post-Soviet space. The result of intense work by over 30 volunteers and researchers from across the territory, the database already contains over 1,000 entries.

Currently the database is available primarily in Russian, but the English version is filling up fast.

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