Forget mimosas, could Georgian wine tea be the next big thing?

Forget mimosas, could Georgian wine tea be the next big thing?
Separate wine. Image: Jimmy Day, Domain Day under a CC licence.

18 May 2017

Ever wished it was more acceptable to drink wine with breakfast? You may well have the sympathy of the Georgian government — get your fill of wine tea, the winner of the state-run Startup Georgia programme.

According to Giorgi Bukia, one of the wine enthusiasts behind the project, the initial idea came about 25 years ago when a pharmacologist named Irakli Natroshvili was conducting research on Saperavi red wine, and found that wine processed as tea retained many of the wine’s characteristics (including its distinctive taste and aroma). The initiative was revived two years ago by Mr Natroshvili’s son and Mr Bukia, who presented it to Startup Georgia.

Don’t get too excited yet, though — commercial production won’t start until November, once the perfect location for the company is chosen, most likely in the Kakheti region in eastern Georgia. Although sales will initially be limited to the local market, Mr Bukia has high hopes for selling further afield, particularly among Muslim populations who abstain from alcohol.

Look out for wine tea, coming soon to a brunch menu near you.

Source: Georgian Journal