Check out the housing scheme that could make you mistake Bratislava for the Alps

19 May 2017

Copenhagen-based architecture studio EFFEKT has big plans for Bratislava — quite literally, mountainous.

EFFEKT has developed a housing scheme for the Slovakian capital that takes its inspiration from the peaks and troughs of mountain ranges, reflected in the fluctuating form of the buildings’ profiles.

The proposed 120,000-square-metre Južna Dolina housing estate would be set in the relatively rural Petržalka borough, surrounded by farmland. The mountain-inspired form of the six apartment blocks would serve as an ode to the surrounding nature.

“The built profile oscillates to create the contour of a mountain ridge with six peaks offering spectacular views,” the architects told Dezeen. “A stepped roofscape offers generous private terraces and slopes down to meet the central park that resembles the natural setting of an alpine valley.”

Could you soon be living in Bratislava’s very own Mont Blanc?

Source: Dezeen