Suggestive Russian Easter cake cleared of indecency

Suggestive Russian Easter cake cleared of indecency
Image: @vasnas / Twitter

25 May 2017

A Krasnoyarsk court has put a stop to the case against VKontakte user, Irina Kudinova, who posted a photo of an allegedly phallic kulich, a traditional Russian Easter cake.

The complainants were a representative and the congregation of the Temple of the Archangel Michael and His Miracle at Colossae, who accused Ms Kudinova of “deliberate desecration of objects of religious veneration”.

The photo she posted on Vkontakte — Russia’s most popular social network — depicted a large scale model of a kulich, with two painted eggs at its base in a somewhat unfortunate position. The Krasnoyarsk prosecutor’s office joined with the church in seeing a rather more suggestive image than is traditional for Easter.

Ms Kudinova’s lawyer, Vladimir Vasin, confirmed that the magistrate today halted the case “in connection with the absence of an offence within [Ms Kudinova’s] actions”.

This is likely little comfort to the experts in the field of Orthodoxy who explained that “the attitude to the intimate side of human nature [...] is negative in Christianity and is perceived as sinful”, meaning that the depiction of religious symbols as intimate images constitutes a desecration.

Be careful where you put your eggs next Easter.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)