Un-war: support this doc on Polish artist Krzysztof Wodiczko and his urban projections

7 June 2017

Renowned for his huge projections on architectural facades and monuments, Polish artist Krzysztof Wodiczko is the subject of the upcoming documentary Un-War. Centring on Wodiczko’s collaboration with marginalised communities including refugees and homeless people, Un-War sets the artist’s work against the backdrop of the contemporary refugee crisis. To push the project forward towards final production, director Maria Niro has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Among Wodiczko’s most well-known public projections using still images include the South African Embassy in London (1985), Berlin’s Lenin Monument (1990) and Madrid’s Arco de la Victoria, (1991). His work later evolved to include public projections using sound and motion, beginning with City Hall Tower in Kraków (1996) and going on to grace such structures as Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima (1999) and the facade of the National Gallery in Warsaw (2005).

Wodiczko has also designed and implemented a series of tools and vehicles for social intervention, such as Homeless Vehicle (1988-89) and Poliscar (1991), in addition to portable and wearable communication instruments such as Alien Staff (1992) and Porte-Parole (1994). In more recent times, he has been working together with war veterans to develop exhibitions and projections, such as War Veteran Vehicle (2009).

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