Not suitable for children: Russian daredevils make giant fidget spinner out of cars

26 June 2017

The fidget spinner craze has had teachers up in arms around the world, but the toy trend has spread far beyond the playground: last week a group of Novosibirsk car fanatics constructed a fidget spinner from three cars… and it very nearly worked.

Motoring vlogger group Garage 54 welded together the front halves of three old Lada Samara cars to create something akin to a monstrous three-headed fidget spinner. Rather than spinning, however, the contraption moved in increasingly large circles until it began to break down. Eventually the team enlisted the help of an SUV and tow-rope to break the cars apart.

“You saw it yourself. It looks like a real spinner. We didn’t get the crazy spinning, as the cars started to break down,” one team member commented. “But still we managed to drive three cars at once.”

Parents are surely praying that their kids aren’t among the 800,000+ viewers to have been delighted by Garage 54’s latest venture.

Source: BBC News