Follow of the week: an angular heaven for pedants

Follow of the week: an angular heaven for pedants

14 July 2017

Russian photographer Zhenya Aerohockey runs an Instagram account that will make pedants and those who appreciate symmetry extremely happy — it is dedicated exclusively to corners and triangles. His account @aerohockey has over 380 photos of landscapes, architecture, and food, all in the shape of triangles.

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The photographer admits he got the idea for the concept by accident when he was waiting for his friend and decided to snap a picture with a triangle in the centre. Apart from delivering geometrical satisfaction, Aerohockey also frequently shares childhood memories of his native St Petersburg, where he is now based and which often appears in the pictures. Many posts are now sponsored (and usually distinguishable by a tag), which doesn’t take away from the aesthetic, and is even admirable from the point of view of marketing skill.

He also started a hashtag for other users — #catchingcorners — which is now popular with other photographers. All you have to do now is just turn on the grid on your phone camera and join the cult.