May the city we burnt rise up again: Ukrainian clothing line makes its entry

May the city we burnt rise up again: Ukrainian clothing line makes its entry

27 July 2017

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Originally from Donetsk and now based in Kiev, this breakthrough fashion label has burst onto the Ukrainian fashion scene with a bang. In light of a recent boom in grassroots fashion in Ukraine, B0RN’s entrance on the scene is a timely additon to a movement seeking to reestablish a sense of national pride.

B0RN are an example of a New East clothing brand using their gritty urban upbringing as inspiration for a more contemporary aesthetic. As they outline on their page on social media site VKontakte, B0RN is for those who self-identify as “strong people, people who were born and raised amongst the pipes of metallurgical plants and coal mines”.

Citing their aim as “to provide unique, bright clothing from the highest quality materials which will unite our contemporaries and like-minded people around the world,” this is a brand not just producing clothes, but using clothes as vessels for a form of social activism.

Combining both cultural heritage and contemporary trends in world fashion, B0RN’s designs play on iconic brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hermes and Champion, while producing thought-provoking T-shirts with slogans such as “[m]ay the city we burnt rise up again”.

A brand in its infancy, B0RN is certainly one to watch out for in the future.

Find out more about the brand and their portfolio via their VK webpage and Instagram profile.