Belgrade Raw: the photography collective capturing the everyday

9 August 2017

Belgrade Raw is a collective of 11 photographers united by a central mission: to depict their city, Belgrade, in its truest form through photography.

Set up in Belgrade as a non-profit, Belgrade Raw describes the core of its project as “exploring social and urban aspects of life in the city, as well as our personal perceptions, using photography”. For sources of inspiration, the collective uses “ordinary and extraordinary people, places and events that, in our belief, reflect the true look and feel of our city”.

True to their realist conviction, the collective refrains from heavy photo editing and using hi-tech equipment, preferring more accessible means of capturing their world. Moreover, most of the members were not originally photographers but designers, developers or visual artists, reflecting a wider trend wtihin the industry that they want to support: the democratisation of photography.

Belgrade Raw’s unique niche within the contempoary art scene has been further reinforced by the announcement that they will be publishing a photobook with Slovenian publishing house Rostfrei Publishing.

More information on the book can be found here, as well as a photo archive from this budding collective.