Brave! Factory Festival takeover: meet minimal multi-instrumentalist, Heinali

Brave! Factory Festival takeover: meet minimal multi-instrumentalist, Heinali

22 August 2017

Throughout this week we’ve been spotlighting the must-see local artists at Brave! Factory Festival which kicks off tomorrow. The final pick from the festival organisers is Heinali, whose tracks have been described by popular magazine XLR8R as “full of ethereal beauty and otherworldy sound design”.

Heinali is a moniker of Ukrainian composer Oleg Shpudeiko, who works with ambient and electroacourstic sound. His recent works can be described as sound sculptures based on his unque technique of layering, looping, distortion and processing sound. Entirely self taught, he first started his experiments with electronic music in 2003. His debut album 67 Breaths was released on Arlen in 2011. This was followed in 2012 by Air on Fluttery Records, which contained minimalist chamber compositions for piano, strings and field recordings. In the same year two CDs, Conjoined and Ain’t No Night, combining spoken word and amplified guitar, were released on Paradigms Recordings in collaboration with US poet Matt Finney. In 2013, Shpudeiko came together with classically trained music composer Alexey Shmurak to form the interdisciplinary duo Blook. As Blook, they actively collaborate with not only performers but artists.

Heinali often incroporating improvisation and video-art into his live show. Tomorrow, he will open the Antracite stage, where he’s to perform alongside other multi-instrumentalists like Jagga Jazzist, Francesco Tristano and Brandt Brauer Frick.

Brave! Factory Festival will take place from 23 — 24 August 2017 at Metrobud factory in Kiev. Tickets are available for purchase here.