Watch: new music video by rap battle winner Gnoyniy

23 August 2017

The winner of the rap battle that broke the internet last week has published a new music video titled F*ckrap.

The song is published under the nickname Slava KPSS (which is a word play on the diminutive form of popular Russian names like Vyacheslav and the Soviet-era slogan “Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union”), the same nickname he used in the rap battle and, as Afisha Daily noted, the name Gnoyniy uses for his more serious projects. The track was produced with rapper Han Zamay, who also appears in the video and belongs to Gnoyniy’s rap gang, Antihype.

The video was premiered on the musician’s official VKontake page along with a manifesto written by Antihype, in which they announce the second hip hop revolution that is set to revitalise Russian rap music and hint that this month’s rap battle win against public favourite Oxxxymiron was their first step, the “dethroning of the king”.

It was also announced that a new album by Slava KPSS called Sun of the Dead (in Russian: Solntse Mertvikh) will be coming out in the autumn.