Russian rapper Oxxxymiron to star in Victor Pelevin film adaptation

28 September 2017

Famed Russian MC and rap battle celebrity Oxxxymiron, real name Miron Fedorov, is set to star in a film adaptation of cult Russian author Victor Pelevin‘s 2006 novel Empire ‘V’.

Fedorov will play the role of the vampite Mitra, the main villain in the philosophical and metaphorical tale of vampires living in modern day Moscow.

The announcement of the casting was made on Oxxxymiron’s YouTube channel by the film’s director, Victor Ginzburg. “I needed to find the real evil,” Ginzburg explains in the video, “and I think I’ve found it.”

Fans have also noted that Empire ‘V’ was referenced in the lyrics to a 2013 Oxxxymiron song, Darkside.

Fedorov, who has never acted in a film before, is known as one of Russia’s most prominent rappers. He recently helped break the internet with his uber-viral battle against rapper Gnoyniy that gathered 24 million views on YouTube. Ginzburg has previously made a film of another Pelevin novel, Generation P.