Russian gym chain offers selfie-only membership

Russian gym chain offers selfie-only membership
Image: Alex Fitness / Youtube

3 October 2017

Are you partial to #gymselfies? Then this offer from Russian gym chain Alex Fitness could be perfect for you.

The Russian firm has published a video offering the customers a discounted membership that lets them take selfies in their locker rooms and with their gym equipment and coaches without actually exercising.

The video reveals that the new membership is called “Honest Fitness” and is targeted at those who don’t have the time, desire or will power to actually come to the gym and exercise but would like to create the illusion of a fitness hobby on Instagram. The price of the social media-only membership card is 999 roubles ($17) and includes access to the gym locker rooms to take a snap in your best exercise outfit and fresh pictures of the gym interiors emailed to you regularly in case you can’t even be bothered to go there and take a picture yourself.

At the end of the video, however, it turns out that the membership described in the video is a joke and doesn’t actually exist. #Gymselfie plans ruined.

Source: TJournal [in Russian]