Follow of the week: makeup as art

Follow of the week: makeup as art

3 November 2017

There is no shortage of Instagram accounts dedicated to makeup, but this Russian makeup artist and beauty editor takes conceptual makeup to a new level.

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Moscow-based Masha Vorslav is a freelance makeup artist and the beauty director of Women’s Health Russia, formerly the beauty editor of Wonderzine and Interview Russia. Her Instagram account @editor_vorslav details her everyday work — beauty inspiration, trial makeup looks and final editorial work on models. There’s a special place here for conceptual makeup, whether it means flower petals glued to your face, unexpected face tone, models crying gold glitter, or giant lips that take up half of a model’s face. The underlying idea is presenting makeup as a form of art rather than something women do to seem more attractive.

Vorslav’s second account, which is updated rarely now, is dedicated to makeup mistakes, presented and explored in an ironic and relaxed fashion.