BuSH festival takeover: meet Czech Republic’s rock & roll anti-hero, Lazer Viking

3 November 2017
Text Barbara Frank

Each week we’re spotlighting the must-see New East artists at Budapest Showcase Hub, which takes place in the Hungarian capital between 15 - 17 November. This week, get to know the eccentric Czech artist, Lazer Viking.

Nakedness, black cats, and orange masks…the one-man-show that is Jakub Kaifosz, aka Lazer Viking, is determined to smash all taboos. But who is this mysterious figure? It’s probably best to quote the master himself: “Lazer Viking is a monument to rock & roll ineptitude, hyperbolic glam-rock pomposity, and the absolute kitsch of contemporary punk, who to top it all off has the temerity to take himself seriously. The sound is a complete rip-off of the Oakland young oldies and bubblegum queer-garage scene, everything in 4/4 time and lyrics celebrating the beauty of human mediocrity in its greatest filth.” What’s not to understand?

Watch Lazer Viking live at BuSH festival on 17 November.

Budapest Showcase Hub is a one-of-a-kind music festival that brings together eastern Europe’s vibrant music community each year for three days in the Hungarian capital.

BuSH will take place between 15-17 November across several venues in Budapest. See the full programme of concerts here and purchase tickets here. If you’re planning on travelling to Budapest, check out our special travel report on the city.