The Mixtape 2: Nikita Zabelin

The Mixtape 2: Nikita Zabelin

Nikita Zabelin journeys into the dark side of contemporary techno

17 April 2013

This month’s mixtape comes from Nikita Zabelin, a Yekaterinburg-based music producer and party promoter. Zabelin has combined his insight into the Russian electronic music scene with his previous experience of producing soundtracks for fashion shows to create a deliciously dark album of contemporary techno. The mixtape features previously unreleased tracks from young electronic musicians from the Urals and beyond, exclusively for The Calvert Journal.


1. Ishome - Earth
2. Madensemble - Beauty You
3. James Blake – Not Long Now (D.core remix)
4. Juho Kahilainen - Soitimella (Etapp Kyle Remix)
5. Kirill Monocle - FGS45
6. Unbalance - Apocalypto
7. Etapp Kyle - Limitless
8. Maxzim Odoevsky - Optical Illusion
9. Kirill Monocle - Where Do You Run To (Zabelin & Simonov Remix)
10. Nikita Zabelin - Tranquility pt.2
11. Nikita Zabelin - Glass Harp + Indian Transition
12. Nikita Zabelin - India Play With Me
13. Ishome - Adam
14. dBrige - So Lonely (Nikita Zabelin remix)