Georgia’s Kutaisi airport’s new rooftop plaza promises stunning mountain views

Georgia’s Kutaisi airport's new rooftop plaza promises stunning mountain views
An image of the new Kutaisi airport arrivals hall, released by UNStudio

24 November 2017

Designs for a new extension at Georgia’s Kutaisi airport — complete with a panoramic rooftop plaza — have been unveiled under an ongoing drive to harness the country’s tourist boom.

The plans, released by Dutch architecture firm UNStudio, uses full-length glazing to capture views of nearby Caucasus mountains.

The Amsterdam-based company also oversaw the design of the Kutaisi terminal building in 2013. The new designs will see the existing building transformed into the airport’s departure hall, while the new building will serve as an arrivals hub and events space.

Passenger numbers at the airport rocketed by 48 percent between 2015 and 2016, reaching more than 270,000 people. Plans are also in place to create a new railway link between the airport, the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, and the Black Sea coast. Some 2,720,970 people visited Georgia last, a record which has already been surpassed in 2017.

“Visitors are entering this fascinating and hospitable country from all directions,” UNStudio said. “United Airports of Georgia wants to make sure that they are serviced in the most efficient way – but also with a local touch.”

Source: Dezeen Magazine