A museum in a suitcase: discover Georgia’s new contemporary art space

12 December 2017

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi showcases some of Georgia’s best cutting edge artists. Its exhibits span the country’s modern history, building the narrative of this rapidly developing region. And all of it can be carried in a single suitcase.

The brainchild of three Georgian artists — Mariam Natroshvili, Natalia Vatsade and Detu Jincharadze — the portable gallery is designed to bring contemporary art into people’s homes.

The suitcase carries photos and videos on 30 pieces of contemporary Georgian art, presented by the museum’s curators. Georgia has no permanent national museum for contemporary art, and most of the pieces are in the hands of private collectors.

Admission to the museum costs 5 Georgian Lari ($1.87), with all proceeds given to museum research.

For more information on the museum, click here.