Serbian designer Roksanda unveils 2018 pre-fall collection

21 December 2017

Soft romanticism has stood at the heart of Roksanda Ilincic’s work ever since the Serbian designer first appeared at London fashion week in 2005.

But with the world moving forward into what Ilincic dubs “uncertain times”, the London-based designer says the billowing silhouettes in her latest pre-fall collection have taken on new meaning. While still soft and flowing, the all-encompassing fabrics provide women with shelter, protection and, most importantly, confidence.

“We are all living in an uncertain times, when things we thought wouldn’t happen are happening,” Ilincic told fashion site “It is really important to give my woman that extra confidence. She is strong and dressing for herself. She is interested in many different aspects of culture, and I think that curiosity is very important.”

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