Suprematism, reloaded: Russian tourism board unveils avant-garde rebrand

11 January 2018

Nodding to the artistic masters of the early 20th century, the Russian Tourist Board has unveiled an avant-garde rebrand in a bid to cement the country’s place as a new travel hotspot after the 2018 World Cup.

The suprematist-inspired design uses bold lines and geometric shapes to form a map of the Russian mainland. The country’s awe-inspiring size and diversity stands at the centre of the campaign, and has a new strapline: “The Whole World Within Russia.”

The designs were chosen from more than 480 entries submitted as part of a nationwide contest. The Russian public voted for their favourite in a shortlist of 10 designs, before the winner was selected by an expert jury.

The five designers behind the rebrand said that they’d been drawn to the avant-garde theme thanks to its enduring global association with Russian art and creativity. The winning team included Vladimir Lifanov, creative director of branding agency Suprematika, Ilya Lazuchenkov and Yegor Mysnik from the Plenum branding agency, Denis Schlesberg, the executive creative director at the Artonika design agency, and Erken Kagarov, art director at the Art Lebedev Studio.

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