Russian artist defies gravity with stunning baroque-style paper wigs

1 February 2018

Russian artist Asya Kozina has breathed new life into the elegant wigs of the Baroque era with new designs showcasing the height of modern luxury.

While wigs in the Baroque and Rococo eras were delicately decorated with exotic fruits, flowers and even stuffed birds, Kozina’s work uses modern status symbols to capture the same sense of aesthetic indulgence for the 21st century.

“Our series is a combination of old and new luxury,” says Kozina, who lives in St Petersburg. “We knew straight away that we wanted to use the airplane and the skyscraper as the symbols of our time that are both bright and beautiful.”

Kozina creates all the designs from paper, a material she says helps — rather than hinders — the final look.

“In this case, paper helps to highlight the main form [of the wig]”, she says. “You’re not obsessed with unnecessary details.”