Selfiecchinos in Slovakia: Bratislava cafe prints customers’ faces on their coffees

Selfiecchinos in Slovakia: Bratislava cafe prints customers' faces on their coffees
Image: Café Five Points

13 February 2018

A café in Slovakia is offering image-concious customers the chance to sip on pictures of themselves printed on top of their favourite coffees.

The Instagram-worthy food trend, known as the selfieccino, arrived at Café Five Points in Bratislava. Coffee-lovers can send their photos to a special printer, which will create their images on the foam of pre-prepared cappuccinos.

“The variability of the machine is perfect”, owner Marián Galuška told the Startitup news site. “It can be used on cappuccinos, beer, gelato and even cookies”.

Slovakia isn’t the only nation to embrace the high-tech food trend. A similar cafe opened in London in December last year.

To see more shots of the Selfieccino machine in action, visit the Five Points Café website here.

Source: Slovak Spectator