Girls: the surreal domestic world of Slovak artist Martina Paukova

21 February 2018

Slovak illustrator Martina Paukova is an artist for the internet age. By transforming pictures of mundane domesticity into eye-poppingly bright illustrated snapshots, she brings a spark to the banal corners of everyday life — far away from the glare of social media.

“I’m attracted to scenes where people are seemingly off-duty and non-performing,” Paukova told The Calvert Journal. “Sociologists say that the modern self is a person which is always performing. Especially in this day and age, when everyone’s skin is constantly out there, curated and self-published and re-posted on Instagram, I think the idea of each of us when the “on button” is finally switched off is just fascinating.”

Inspiration comes from daily life, paired with a surreal twist and squashed Paukova’s angular 2D world. “It’s a kind of coping mechanism”, says the artist, who is now based in Berlin.

Paukova’s work is now being celebrated in her major first London exhibition: Girls. The show embraces the women of Paukova’s off-beat illustrations, thriving in their own private worlds.

Girls runs at The Book Club in Shoreditch until 8 April. For more information, click here.