Time Can Space: explore California dreams with Romania’s Marius Bercea

7 March 2018

Marius Bercea’s Time Can Space marks the meeting of two different worlds: the heady, sun-drenched state of California, and the Romanian city of Cluj where Bercea was born.

Inspired by the design and architecture of the US state, Bercea’s collection of interior and landscape paintings are swirling, sensual depictions of light and colour.

But while the feel of California is more deeply ingrained in his current work than ever before, Bercea still returns to Romania to paint, picking through his own blurred memories and impressions to create paintings which range from large panoramas to small square details.

By endlessly manipulating the sense of distance between his studio Transylvania and his muses in the US, Bercea’s work takes on a sense of voyeurism, capturing both real and imagined places with a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Time Can Space is showing at Blain|Southern in Berlin between 3 March and 14 April 2018. For more information, click here.