A guide to the New East


Lalage Harris

Lalage Harris is a teacher who has worked in eastern Europe since 2011, primarily in Macedonia and Georgia. Currently she is based in London working with children with autism.

Anya Harrison

Born in Moscow, Anya Harrison has lived, studied and worked in Washington DC, London, Oxford and Paris. With degrees in English Literature and History of Art, she has previously worked as Project Executive on the book Frozen Dreams: Contemporary Art from Russia and on exhibitions at Moscow's Garage Centere for Contemporary Culture. Currently based in London, she writes on contemporary art and culture for English- and Russian-language publications and works as an independent curator.

Anna Harsanyi

Originally from Timișoara, Romania, Anna Harsanyi is a curator, educator and arts manager based in New York City.

Owen Hatherley

Owen Hatherley is the author of four books on British architecture, politics and pop culture as well as Across the Plaza, an e-book on public squares in post-communist Europe. He wrote his PhD thesis on Americanism in the Weimar Republic and the USSR. He lives mostly in Woolwich and sometimes in Warsaw.

Helena Boutko

Helena Boutko is a freelance photographer, non-stop traveller and fashion addict. She recently moved from Yekaterinburg to Moscow and continues to shoot pretty much anything as long as it gives her the opportunity to be creative. Boutko has worked with numerous Russian designers for magazines and collaborated with fashion sites such as Buro 24/7, Vogue.ru, LookAtMe and others.

Rob Hornstra

Rob Hornstra, born in The Netherlands in 1975, is a photographer and self-publisher of slow-form documentary work. He has been commissioned by international magazines to produce documentary series and taken part in numerous exhibitions. In 2009, together with the writer and filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen, he started The Sochi Project, which over five years would document the area of Olympic Sochi. In addition to his work on The Sochi Project, he is also the founder and former artistic director of FOTODOK—Space for Documentary Photography. 

Arthur House

Arthur House was previously a journalist at The Telegraph and is a founding editor of The Junket. He has led feature writing workshops for young journalists in Russia and Georgia. Arthur writes about art and culture for titles including 1843 and Apollo. You can read some of his recent work here.