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New East Photo Prize 2018

Get to know our finalists

Launched in 2016, the New East Photo Prize seeks to broaden perceptions of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia through the medium of photography. After receiving a wide range of entries from 26 countries, the biennial prize is back with a new set of 16 finalists exploring modern-day witchcraft, graduation albums, legendary cosmonauts, contested territories and more. Running from 12 October – 1 December 2018, the New East Photo Prize exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the contemporary self-identity of an underrepresented region and the lives of its people. Get to know the finalists below and join us on 11 October for the private view at Calvert 22 Foundation, when we will announce this year’s winner. 

Check back each week as we introduce the work of another New East Photo Prize 2018 finalist.

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