Look back: watch the new video for Lapti and Nocow summoning the style of 90s Russia

Underground Sound

The video for Sirenas, the collaborative track of Lapti and Aleksey Nikitin aka Nocow channels the new sound and aesthetic of contemporary Russian electronic music. Soothing sounds of synthesizers are overlaid with soft vocal samples referencing sweet siren songs, which according to legends lured numerous ships to crash on rocky coasts.

Sirens, mythical half-birds half-women, are presented here as vocalists of a fictional band from late 1980s or early 90s. The idea for the video came from the production company The Great Fruit, and the band consists of Moscow actors. Dressed in retro tracksuit jackets they are captured against the background of the capital’s equally vintage cityscape.

Director: Valdis Belykh — The Great Fruit production
Text: Anastasiia Fedorova