• Ghvino Underground

    Image: Daro Sulakauri

Ghvino Underground

Georgia bills itself as the birthplace of wine - the word itself may have derived from the Georgian ghvino - but it is only in the last few years that the incredible diversity of Georgia’s vineyards (526 varieties of grape!) has been available commercially. The best place to sample and buy these wines is located in a cellar on the beautiful Tabidze Street in Sololaki. Owned by a group of independent winemakers, Ghvino Underground has natural wines from across the country. Many of these are made in qvevri, the massive subterranean terracotta pots that have made Georgian winemaking internationally famous, and some are from tiny vintages of only a few hundred bottles. Ghvino Underground always has a selection open for you to try.

15 Galaktion Tabidze Street