Star chefs: ten culinary wizards putting eastern European food on the map

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For decades, eastern Europe was written off as a drab gastronomic backwater, but suddenly it’s hard to find a Sunday supplement that isn’t frothing about ferments or salivating over sea buckthorn. When it comes to fine dining, more eastern European restaurants are being awarded Michelin stars every year — many of them inspired by the “locavore” philosophy of Copenhagen's Noma to make the best of their often overlooked local produce. Now the World’s Best Female Chef 2017 has been announced as Slovenian Ana Roš, it’s clear that the food of the New East is having more than just a moment. Here’s our pick of 10 star chefs helping turn eastern Europe into a foodie destination, one jar of smoke or dollop of mousse at a time. And if you're in London come feast on some delicious dumplings at our February cafe residency with Mince and Dough at Calvert 22 Space this week.