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Kiev-based label Ksenia Schnaider is a fashion brand built on the power of denim. Pre-loved jeans from Ukraine’s street markets are unpicked and reworked to create high-fashion pieces including denim animal print, boxy denim trench coats, and the infamous demi-demin — denim jeans paired with long denim shorts.

Now the brand is reaching new heights for its F/W 2018 collection, releasing the long-awaited denim fur coat.



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Founded in 2011 by Ukrainian fashion designer Ksenia Marchenko and Russian graphic designer Anton Schnaider, Ksenia Schnaider has long drawn inspiration from uniform work clothes to add a rough edge to their otherwise feminine style. But as well as fitting the label's playful street-style aesthetic, the denim fur coats have another benefit: allowing the brand to reuse and recycle denim off-cuts from other pieces in their collection. 

To see the full Ksenia Schnaider collection, visit their website here

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