The Russian Orthodox Church is planning to launch a special wifi network in Moscow, which will block inappropriate content.

The network is due to be available close to churches in the Russian capital, as well as in a selection of public places popular with young people, such as the Winzavod and Muzeon cultural centres, Manege Square and Borovitskaya Ploshchad.

Deputy head of public relations for the Moscow Patriarchate, Roman Bogdasarov, told Russian newspaper Izvestia that online content thought to be extremist, sectarian or pornographic would be blocked. He stressed, however, that the religious network will not provide access to religious content only, and that it is not intended to restrict internet freedom.

“It will have lots of things, including normal films, both Russian and foreign, that impart traditional values and traditional morals, patriotism and protection of family and children [...] those who don’t want to use the Orthodox Christian internet may simply not use it,” Mr Bogdasarov stated.

According to Vladimir Chernikov, head of the Moscow Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism, the project will be supported by the Moscow authorities but it is unlikely that public money will be allocated for it from the city budget.


Source: The Moscow Times and RT

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