The public broadcasters of Serbia and Croatia, RTS and HRT, respectively, are making a television series together, according to a report by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

This development constitutes the revival of Yugoslav-era links between the broadcasters, who are working together again after a hiatus of two decades.

The first joint project between the two TV stations since the end of the war in 1995 will be a documentary series about Augustin “Tin” Ujević (d. 1955), considered to be the greatest Croatian poet of the 20th century. He advocated a united state for Croats and Serbs, and lived in both Zagreb and Belgrade.

“In many ways we are connected to each other. Besides, Tin Ujević is an important Yugoslav poet who left a mark on Serbian literature and poetry and that is why it is important that he is the topic of new collaboration between the television stations, which used to happen before,” said Misko Milijevic of RTS’s cultural department.

Jasmina Bozinovska Zivalj of HRT also noted that both stations have high expectations for their first collaboration since the war ended, which is being filmed in both Belgrade and Zagreb.

RTS and HRT reportedly signed a cooperation agreement last year, with the Tin Ujević documentary series being the first joint project among many more planned. The documentary series is set to be broadcast in 2017. 


Source: BIRN

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