Music for Candy Shops from Kiev-born Poly Chain is the latest release on the bill for Polish electronic label Transatlantyk.

Now based in Warsaw, the 23-year-old ambient/electronic musician has played the Unsound festival in Kraków and is also a regular at the Brutaż electronic dance parties, which take place all over Poland. Music for Candy Shops is Poly Chain's debut album, produced using analogue synthesisers — the star, who began her music career in a shoegaze band, says she’s “obsessed” with them.

Poly Chain, whose real name is Sasha Zakrevska, also works as a graphic designer — once you've enjoyed delicious-sounding tracks such as Salty Caramel and Peanut Butter, check out her personal design for the album cover.

Music for Candy Shops is available for purchase from here

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