East London's Roman Road art space will present works by Polish feminist avant-garde artist Natalia LL at this year's Photo London.

Roman Road's booth will feature Natalia LL's TAK, an installation made up of photographic assemblages of painted lips uttering the Polish word “tak” (meaning “yes”), together with a visual representation of the written word. In addition, the display will also showcase work from Consumer Art and Post-consumer Art, two infamous series created by the artist in the 1970s highlighting the link between consumer culture and the position of women in society. In particular, these works centre on and challenge the commodification of women in pornography.

The arrangement of the specially curated booth serves to provide visitors with a timeline of Natalia LL's practice, with each wall presenting a particular work, or series of works, in order of their production year.

Photo London will take place at Somerset House from 18 – 21 May. Find out more about Roman Road's display here.

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