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Tell it to the mountain: a personal view from the top of the Caucasus

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Photographer Andrey Kuznetsov knows the Caucasus like no-one else. Born in Yessentuki, a small town at the base of the mountains, he's lived all his life in the shadow of the peaks. In May 2013 Kuznetsov went on a six-day hike with a bunch of friends and an old medium-format camera. The result is a captivating travel diary, an account of his deep connection with the mountains. "I've never understood how local people can ignore the nature around them," he says. "They never go to amazingly beautiful places that are just 15 minutes away from their doorstep." Following in the photographer's steps, we see the landscape change, from snow-covered peaks to cities spread below in green valleys. With Kuznetsov's friends evident in many of the images, it's a view that feels intimidatingly grand and surprisingly welcoming all at once.

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